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wd_100's Journal

Walt Disney 100 Icon Challenge
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Welcome to wd_100! Yes, it is another icon challenge community... Yes there are a billion of these out there; but you know what? You can never have too much Disney love! And this is a great way for you to have a variety of challenges going at once! That means that the icons you post here, you are not posting in another challenge elsewhere!

This community is going to be dedicated only Disney related topics. It was originally geared towards animation, but I think that more people will participate if I broaden the horizons a bit ^_^ This means that as well as any animated features, animated shorts, cartoon series', animated characters, and such; that you are also now allowed to claim television shows, movies and the like that feature real people! Topics can only be covered by any amount of people at a time, but each person may only have two claims at once.

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Jaycee deepestdreams: daisyandthejets@yahoo.com
Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, etc. Just be sure to put wd_100 in the subject line somewhere so I don't delete your message as junk mail :)

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1. Join the community at the top of the page. You must be a member of the community to make a claim, so you must do this step first!
2. Head on over to the claims post and claim the subject you want for your own using this form:

Please do not use lj tags for your user name. It is much easier for me to give you access with out the tag. Just your screenname is fine.
3. Once you have joined the community, and posted a claim, wait for your approval before making your icons. You will receive an approval start date in response to your claim. From that date, you have 2 weeks to create at least 5 icons. That way I know you're serious about your claim. After that take as long as you want to make your icons! Yes! You heard me! AS LONG AS YOU WANT!

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1. Post as often as you like. Please make sure that each post contains at least 5 icons. This will keep down on overloading people's friends lists.
2. Once your 100 icons are completed, post a comment here with a link back to your final post. That way I can make you a banner that you can show off to all of your friends!
3. Either post your icons here in this community, or use a fake cut to go back to an icon journal. Whichever you choose, keep it consistant. It makes it a lot easier to see who is looking at your stuff, and to see if people are nominating you in other communities like wd_awards! If you are using a fake cut, you must post AT LEAST FIVE icons in wd_100 with the link to your other post.
5. When you post, please do so in the following manner:

In subject line put the name of your category (character, movie, etc.) and how many icons are being posted (25/100 if you are posting 25 icons) This is mandatory! It makes it easier to archive all the entries, and it lets everyone else see how far along you are in your challenge.

In the post itself please use this format at the top of your entry:
Subject: (same as in the subject line - what topic you are covering)
Themes: (the themes you have covered so far, as well as how many artists choice icons you have completed)
Additonal Notes: (like credits, disclaimers, your rules of usage if someone wants to use your icons, etc.)

Then your icons! Please place your icons behind an lj-cut! If you don't know how to do that, you can visit the LJ faqs here. You can also just use the form below. It has the tags all ready inserted for you. You simply just have to add what you want the link to say inetween the ""s!

Just copy and paste this into your updates to make life easier! Your icons go in between the lj-cut and /lj-cut, and be sure to enter text in between the 2 quotation marks!

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Listed below are the 50 themes required for the first half of your icons. And below the list is a quickly copyable list that you can paste in word to mark off what you have completed.

1. Blue
2. Red
3. Green
4. Yellow
5. Black and White
6. Good
7. Excitement
8. Happiness
9. Hope
10. Beautiful
11. Evil
12. Worry
13. Sadness
14. Anger
15. Ugly
16. Song
17. Humor
18. Rainbow
19. Magic
20. Cute
21. Sunshine
22. Believe
23. Brightness
24. Power
25. Everlasting
26. Strange
27. Cold
28. Alone
29. Darkness
30. Pain
31. Looking Back
32. Journey
33. Young
34. Old
35. Hero
36. Dirty
37. Clean
38. Big
39. Small
40. Animal
41. Sidekick
42. Friends
43. Party
44. Family
45. Togetherness
46. Battle
47. Time
48. Shiny
49. Carefree
50. Tired

Below is some table coding you can use to place your icons in!

Paste the table in Microsoft Word, replace #3399ff with what ever color you want the table border to be (#3399ff is the medium blue), each #66ccff with whatever you want the table background to be (#66ccff is the lighter blue) and each #0066cc for the color you want the table font to be(#0066cc is the darker blue).
Also replace each "ICONHERE" with the icon you want in that spot! That's all there is to it!

Get your own code!
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